Brazil Overflight Permits Regulations 2024

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Brazil Overflight Permits Procedures

Do you need a permit for brazil overflight?

Prior Flight permission is required for operating a private flight or general aviation aircraft to overfly, or planning to make a passenger flight landing or technical stop Brazil Airports Authority have their own regulations regarding the issuance of flight permits as there is generally a payment involved. The charges normally payable would be the Route Navigation Facility Charges or RNFC for overflights and also landing and parking charges in case of aircraft making halts.

The procedure for issuance of the permits also varies from country to country. According to brazil civil aviation authority aeronautical information publication (or Brazil AIP) any aircraft owner/operator intent to overflight from Brazil airspace has to submit overflight clearance request to air transport department at least 48 hours (working hours) prior from flight departure schedule. Brazil is a signatory to the Chicago Convention therefore the conditions of flights and crews should strictly be compliant with ICAO general rules of international air traffic and in accordance with their regulation for transport of troops, equipment, materials and dangerous goods, please write us for more detail information.

These terms would help you find more specific information regarding the rules and requirements for obtaining overflight permits in Brazil.

Required Details for Obtaining Brazil Overflight Permit Application

1 - Flight Schedule
2 - Entry / Exit Points with ATC Route
3 - Lead Passenger Details
4 - Consignee & Consigner Details for Cargo Flights
5 - Aircraft Documents [ AOC, COA, COI, CON, COR]

Aviation Regulations Brazil

Aviation regulations in Brazil are overseen and enforced by several key agencies, including the National Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC) and the Department of Airspace Control (Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo - DECEA). Here's an overview of the aviation regulations in Brazil :

1 - National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) : ANAC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing civil aviation activities in Brazil. It is responsible for regulating various aspects of civil aviation, including aircraft registration, airworthiness certification, licensing of aviation personnel, airport infrastructure, and air services.

2 - Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) : DECEA is a branch of the Brazilian Air Force responsible for managing and controlling Brazilian airspace. It provides air traffic control services, airspace design, and the development of airspace regulations to ensure the safety and efficiency of air navigation.

3 - Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulations (RBAC) : The regulatory framework for aviation in Brazil is primarily defined by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulations (Regulamento Brasileiro de Aviação Civil - RBAC). RBAC covers a wide range of topics, including flight operations, airworthiness standards, licensing and certification requirements, airport operations, and aviation safety.

4 - Airspace Classification : Brazilian airspace is classified into different categories based on its use and level of control. These categories include controlled airspace, where air traffic control services are provided, and uncontrolled airspace, where pilots operate under visual flight rules (VFR) without specific clearance from air traffic control.

5 - Air Traffic Services (ATS) : DECEA provides air traffic control services throughout Brazilian airspace to ensure the safe and efficient flow of air traffic. These services include air traffic control, flight information service, alerting service, and search and rescue coordination.

6 - Airspace Restrictions and Regulations : DECEA establishes and enforces airspace restrictions and regulations as necessary to ensure aviation safety and security. This includes temporary airspace restrictions for events, military operations, or emergencies, as well as permanent restrictions around sensitive areas like airports, military installations, and government buildings.

7 - International Coordination : Brazil coordinates its airspace management activities with neighboring countries and international organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to ensure harmonized and coordinated air traffic management across regions and borders.

Overall, ANAC and DECEA work together to establish and enforce aviation regulations in Brazil to ensure the safety, efficiency, and orderly operation of civil aviation in the country.

Overflight Permits Category’s for Adhoc and Private

1 - Overflight Permits ( Charter Passenger Flights )
2 - Overflight Permits ( Private Passenger Flights )
3 - Overflight Permits ( Non-Schedule Cargo Flights )

Overflight Permits Category’s for Block :

1 - Monthly Block Overflight Permits ( For Scheduled and Non-schedule Airlines Flights )
2 - Seasonal Block Overflight Permits ( Scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights )

Permit Validity

- Brazil Overflight Permit is valid for +72 hours.

Overflight Permit Charge's

We do not charge any type of hidden cost in Civil Aviation Permit Processing Cost and Brazil Overflight Permits Procedures. Our fee is straight and direct without any additional fees in Brazil Overflight Permit We do not require large upfront deposits or commitments. We strive to develop long term relationships and we work hard to earn your referrals. Besides receiving essential financial monthly reports these very particular customers expect to entirely rely on professional teams and they offer just that. This trust is earned through our administrative and financial control, as well as our services standards of work.

Flight Information Region In Brazil Flight Information Region :

Brazil Airspace is divided into 04 Flight Information Regions (FIRs)

1 - Amazonica (SBAZ) FIR

2 - Brasilia (SBBS) FIR

3 - Recife (SBRE) FIR

4 - Curitiba (SBCW) FIR

Brazil FIRs ( Entry / Exit Points ) :

West Bound Entry PointWest Bound Exit PointEast Bound Entry PointEast Bound Exit Point
Brazil Overflight Permits Procedures

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