Colombia Overflight Permits Regulations 2024

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Colombia Overflight Permits Procedures

Do you need a permit for colombia overflight?

Colombia country has its own set of rules, regulations and procedures for permits to aircraft wishing for landing or even entering their air space, whether you’re operating a private flight or general aviation, charter flight, scheduled or non-scheduled operation, passengers or cargo trip, a technical or traffic landing, Prior Permission is mandatory required the application procedures requiring complete flight information and Aircraft documents.

According to colombian civil aviation authority and aeronautical information publication (colombia aip) any aircraft owner/operator intent to fly in Colombia airspace request has to submit for Colombia overflight clearance to air transport department at least 48 working hours prior from flight departure schedule. Always include AFTN on your flight plan, but you’ll only need an overfly permit from Colombia.

Planning to make a passenger flight landing or technical stop, Colombia Airports Authority have their own regulations regarding the issuance of flight Colombia Overflight permit as there is generally a payment involved. The charges normally payable would be the Route Navigation Facility Charges for overflight and also landing and parking charges in case of aircraft making halts.

Colombia is a signatory to the Chicago Convention therefore the conditions of flights and crews should strictly be compliant with ICAO general rules of international air traffic and in accordance with their regulation for transport of troops, equipment, materials and dangerous goods, please write us for more detail information.

These terms would help you find more specific information regarding the rules and requirements for obtaining overflight permits in Colombia.

Required Details for Obtaining Colombia Overflight Permit Application

1 - Flight Schedule
2 - Entry / Exit Points with ATC Route
3 - Lead Passenger Details
4 - Consignee & Consigner Details for Cargo Flights
5 - Aircraft Documents [ AOC, COA, COI, CON, COR]

Aviation Regulations Colombia

Aviation regulations in Colombia are overseen and enforced by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, known as the Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil (UAEAC). Here are some key aspects of aviation regulations in Colombia :

1 - Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil (UAEAC) : The UAEAC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing civil aviation in Colombia. It is tasked with ensuring compliance with national and international aviation standards and regulations.

2 - Colombian Civil Aviation Regulations : The regulatory framework for aviation in Colombia is primarily defined by the Colombian Civil Aviation Regulations (Reglamento Aeronáutico de Colombia - RAC), which outlines the legal and regulatory requirements for various aspects of civil aviation, including aircraft operations, airworthiness, licensing, air traffic services, and airport infrastructure.

3 - International Standards : Colombia is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets global standards and recommended practices for aviation safety, security, efficiency, and environmental protection. The UAEAC works to ensure that Colombian aviation regulations align with ICAO standards.

4 - Licensing and Certification : The UAEAC is responsible for issuing licenses and certificates to pilots, aircraft maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals. These licenses and certificates are issued in accordance with established standards and requirements.

5 - Safety Oversight : Ensuring the safety of aviation operations is a primary focus of the UAEAC. This includes conducting safety inspections, investigations into aviation accidents and incidents, and implementing safety regulations and guidelines.

6 - Airspace Management : The UAEAC manages Colombian airspace, including the provision of air traffic control services and the establishment of airspace restrictions and regulations.

7 - Airport Regulations : The UAEAC also regulates airport infrastructure and operations to ensure compliance with safety and security standards. This includes regulations related to airport design, construction, maintenance, and operation.

Overall, the UAEAC plays a crucial role in maintaining safe and efficient aviation operations in Colombia through the enforcement of national and international regulations and standards.

Overflight Permits Category’s for Adhoc and Private

1 - Overflight Permits (Charter Passenger Flights)
2 - Overflight Permits (Private Passenger Flights)
3 - Overflight Permits (Non-Schedule Cargo Flights)

Overflight Permits Category’s for Block :

1 - Monthly Block Overflight Permits (For Scheduled and Non-schedule Airlines Flights)
2 - Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights)

Permit Validity

- Colombia Overflight Permit is valid for +24 hours.

Overflight Permit Charge's

We do not charge any type of hidden cost in Civil Aviation Permit Processing Cost and Colombia Overflight Permits Procedures. Our fee is straight and direct without any additional fees in Colombia Overflight Permit We do not require large upfront deposits or commitments. We strive to develop long term relationships and we work hard to earn your referrals. Besides receiving essential financial monthly reports these very particular customers expect to entirely rely on professional teams and they offer just that. This trust is earned through our administrative and financial control, as well as our services standards of work.

Flight Information Region In Colombia

Colombia Airspace is divided into 02 Flight Information Regions (FIRs)

1 - Barranquilla (SKEC) FIR

2 - Bogota (SKED) FIR

Colombia FIRs ( Entry / Exit Points ) :

West Bound Entry PointWest Bound Exit PointEast Bound Entry PointEast Bound Exit Point

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About Colombia | History - Geography

Colombia, officially Republic of Colombia, Spanish Republic de Colombia, country of northwestern South America. Its 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of coast to the north are bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and its 800 miles (1,300 km) of coast to the west are washed by the Pacific Ocean. The country is bordered by Panama, which divides the two bodies of water, on the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil on the east, and Peru and Ecuador on the south. It is more than twice the size of France and includes the San Andrés y Providencia archipelago, located off the Nicaraguan coast in the Caribbean, some 400 miles (650 km) northwest of the Colombian mainland. The population is largely concentrated in the mountainous interior, where Bogotá, the national capital, is situated on a high plateau in the northern Andes Mountains.

The only American nation that is named for Christopher Columbus, the “discoverer” of the New World, Colombia presents a remarkable study in contrasts, in both its geography and its society. The lofty snow-tipped peaks of the country’s interior cordilleras tower high above equatorial forests and savannas where surviving Indian groups still follow the lifeways and traditions of their ancestors. In the cooler mountains, at intermediate elevations, modern cities are juxtaposed with traditional rural landscapes where mestizo farmers cultivate their small plots of coffee, corn (maize), and other crops. The more accessible Atlantic lowlands, dominated by large livestock haciendas and a tri-ethnic population, have a distinctively different character.

Colombia Overflight Permits Procedures

The Given Below Information Is Extracted from the Colombia AIP

Submission a Flight Plan

Before starting the flight, the pilot in charge of the aircraft will be familiar with all the information available appropriate to the projected flight. The measures for those flights that are not limited to in the immediate vicinity of an airfield and for all flights IFR, they will understand the meticulous study of the current weather reports and forecasts that are available, calculation of necessary fuel and preparation of the plan to be followed in case of failure complete the projected flight.

Submission And Approval Of Flight Plan No

Exonerates the fulfillment of the requirements required by other aeronautical units and authorities national as: customs, migration, control health, judicial, police, taxes, etc. Except when other arrangements have been made for the presentation of repetitive flight plans, is obligation of the pilot to command an aircraft or the corresponding licensed dispatcher of the company, present the flight plan at the AIS / ARO office at Departure aerodrome, if there is no such office in the departure aerodrome, flight plan should be processed at the dependency of the transit services designated to serve the departure aerodrome.

Foreign government aircraft, entities of the national government and the military, they must comply with the flight plan submission requirement for everything operation.

In the case of public aerodromes without services aeronautics and / or uncontrolled pilot in command will report by any means or by the frequency so the flight plan will soon be practicable.

For any operation performed at aerodromes under the responsibility of the aeronautical authority, an individual flight plan must be submitted except the companies authorized by repetitive flight plan - RPL.

Any aircraft that has submitted a flight plan may request control or start authorization engines with no more than twenty (20) minutes in advance regarding the proposed time presented on the flight plans.

For all FPL / RPL the designator will be used for aircraft type A318, A319, A320, A321 and will not be grouped with A32S aircraft type.

Requirements to present a plan of fly it. All aircraft operating at aerodromes authorized under the responsibility of Civil Aeronautics they must submit a flight plan for any type of air operation.

Foreign registration aircraft, except those for regular air service, they must meet the following output requirements:

• Present the authorization with the flight plan special for their entry and stay in the territory Colombian, issued by the Civil Aeronautics, according to it specified in the AIP Colombia Gen 1.2-2.

• Present with flight plan, peace and save by concept of airfield rights and services flight protection, issued by the administration of each airport, on domestic flights international.

• Submit annex to flight plan, copy of General Declaration with the stamps of the authorities of Emigration and Customs, when it comes to flights international.

• Foreign registration aircraft chartered by Colombian airlines must indicate them flight number in box 7 of the flight plan, at case of international flights.

Pilots of Colombian license aircraft of private or executive aviation must submit personally, with the flight plan, pilot license and valid medical certificate.

General Aviation License Plates

Colombian, before starting an international flight they must present an attachment to the flight plan, a copy of the General Declaration with the stamps of the authorities of Emigration and Customs.

In case of not making the flight on the dates authorized, the permit must be re-processed before the Civil Aeronautics. Authorization dates for flights, are considered in Colombian local time.

Operator aircraft flight plans Regular service airlines will be processed by one crew member (pilot or co-pilot) or licensed dispatcher of the respective airline operator.

Regular air service air carriers, non-regular air service and military aviation of their choice process flight plans and their associated messages; flight plan - FPL, delay - DLA, modification - CHG, and cancellation - CNL, of your airline operations through the AMHS / AFTN - FILING Procedure, they must be authorized by the Directorate of Services a Aerial Navigation.

Only the pilot licensed in command of an aircraft or the licensed dispatcher of the corresponding air carrier, may transmit from their respective Software, flight plan messages and them associated messages; flight plan - FPL, delay - DLA, modification - CHG, and cancellation - CNL, through of the FILING Procedure.

Note : Flight plan processing will not be accepted, nor will any air operation be authorized without prior notice compliance with the aforementioned requirements.

Note : In Colombia, flight plans are not known will present with more than 120 hours (5 days) of anticipation of the expected time outside shoes - EOBT, from a flight, except when there are made other arrangements for submitting plans repetitive flights - RPL. The presentation of plan of Flight before departure should be done at the office AIS / ARO at the departure aerodrome, if there is no such office at the departure aerodrome, the flight plan should be processed at the dependency of the transit services designated to serve the departure aerodrome, at the corresponding presentation form.

Procedures for Accepting A Plan of Flight
Presentation Time

Unless the Directorate of Services a Air Navigation prescribe something else, it will be presented a flight plan for a flight to which you have to provide control or advice service air traffic, at least sixty (60) minutes before departure; except for repetitive flight plans, or, if presented during the flight, at a time in that there is assurance that he will receive it appropriate reliance on transit services at least ten (10) minutes before the time in which it is calculated that the aircraft will arrive:

(i) to the intended point of entry into an area of control or in an area with advisory service

(ii) at the point of crossing with an airline or with one route with advisory service.

Regular air service air carriers, non-regular air service and military aviation that transmit flight plans through FILING procedure, they must do it with time not less than ninety (90) minutes before the time Expected Out of Shoe - EOBT.

Place Of Presentation

The flight plan must be presented before corresponding office AIS / ARO. In those controlled airports where there is no office AIS / ARO, the service will be provided by the services of air traffic in charge of said aerodrome.

Flight plan for the alert service only. In principle, an alert service is provided to them flights for which a plan has been submitted flight.

Contents Of The Flight Plan

Flight plan forms can be requested ICAO format, at the AIS / ARO or airport offices of origin. The flight plan will contain information with respect to the following data:

• Type of flight plan.

• Identification of the aircraft, the pilot and the exploitative.

• Flight rules.

• Type of flight.

• Number and type of aircraft.

• Turbulent wake category.

• Equipment, radio identification, frequencies, aids for navigation and approach, secondary radar of surveillance.

• Departure aerodrome and expected time.

• Cruising speed.

• Cruise level.

• Route to be followed.

• Scheduled hours over the region 's boundaries flight information.

• Expected destination aerodrome.

• Estimated total time.

• Alternative aerodromes.

• Additional information.

Forms Of Presentation Of The Plan Of Fly It

The flight plan must be presented before corresponding office AIS / ARO or in the towers of control at controlled aerodromes where not listed the AIS / ARO office, in one of the following ways:

1- In physical-paper environment.

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