Paraguay Overflight Permits Regulations 2024

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Paraguay Overflight Permits Procedures

Do you need a permit for paraguay overflight?

Paraguay country has its own set of rules, regulations and procedures for permits to aircraft wishing for landing or even entering their air space, whether you’re operating a private flight or general aviation, charter flight, scheduled or non-scheduled operation, passengers or cargo trip, a technical or traffic landing, Prior Permission is mandatory required the application procedures requiring complete flight information and Aircraft documents.

According to paraguay civil aviation authority aeronautical information publication (or AIP) any aircraft owner/operator intent to fly in Paraguay airspace request has to submit for Paraguay overflight clearance to air transport department at least 48 working hours prior from flight departure schedule. Always include AFTN on your flight plan, but you’ll only need an overfly permit from Paraguay.

Planning to make a passenger flight landing or technical stop, Paraguay Airports Authority have their own regulations regarding the issuance of flight Paraguay Overflight permit as there is generally a payment involved. The charges normally payable would be the Route Navigation Facility Charges for overflight and also landing and parking charges in case of aircraft making halts.

Paraguay is a signatory to the Chicago Convention therefore the conditions of flights and crews should strictly be compliant with ICAO general rules of international air traffic and in accordance with their regulation for transport of troops, equipment, materials and dangerous goods, please write us for more detail information.

These terms would help you find more specific information regarding the rules and requirements for obtaining overflight permits in Paraguay.

Required Details for Obtaining Paraguay Overflight Permit Application

1 - Flight Schedule
2 - Entry / Exit Points with ATC Route
3 - Lead Passenger Details
4 - Consignee & Consigner Details for Cargo Flights
5 - Aircraft Documents [ AOC, COA, COI, CON, COR]

Aviation Regulations Paraguay

Aviation regulations in Paraguay are overseen and enforced by the Dirección Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (National Directorate of Civil Aviation - DINAC), which operates under the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones - MOPC). Here are some key aspects of aviation regulations in Paraguay :

1 - Dirección Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (DINAC) : DINAC is the main regulatory authority responsible for overseeing civil aviation in Paraguay. It is tasked with regulating and supervising all aspects of civil aviation to ensure compliance with national and international standards.

2 - Paraguayan Civil Aviation Regulations : The regulatory framework for aviation in Paraguay is primarily defined by the Paraguayan Civil Aviation Regulations (Reglamento de Aviación Civil Paraguaya - RAC), which outlines the legal and regulatory requirements for various aspects of civil aviation, including aircraft operations, airworthiness, licensing, air traffic services, and airport infrastructure.

3 - International Standards : Paraguay is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets global standards and recommended practices for aviation safety, security, efficiency, and environmental protection. DINAC works to ensure that Paraguayan aviation regulations align with ICAO standards.

4 - Licensing and Certification : DINAC is responsible for issuing licenses and certificates to pilots, aircraft maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals. These licenses and certificates are issued in accordance with established standards and requirements.

5 - Safety Oversight : Ensuring the safety of aviation operations is a primary focus of DINAC. This includes conducting safety inspections, investigations into aviation accidents and incidents, and implementing safety regulations and guidelines.

6 - Airspace Management : DINAC manages Paraguayan airspace, including the provision of air traffic control services and the establishment of airspace restrictions and regulations.

7 - Airport Regulations : DINAC also regulates airport infrastructure and operations to ensure compliance with safety and security standards. This includes regulations related to airport design, construction, maintenance, and operation.

Overall, DINAC plays a crucial role in maintaining safe and efficient aviation operations in Paraguay through the enforcement of national and international regulations and standards.

Overflight Permits Category’s for Adhoc and Private

1 - Overflight Permits (Charter Passenger Flights)
2 - Overflight Permits (Private Passenger Flights)
3 - Overflight Permits (Non-Schedule Cargo Flights)

Overflight Permits Category’s for Block :

1 - Monthly Block Overflight Permits (For Scheduled and Non-schedule Airlines Flights)
2 - Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights)

Permit Validity

- Paraguay Overflight Permit is valid for +72 hours.

Overflight Permit Charge's

We do not charge any type of hidden cost in Civil Aviation Permit Processing Cost and Paraguay Overflight Permits Procedures. Our fee is straight and direct without any additional fees in Paraguay Overflight Permit We do not require large upfront deposits or commitments. We strive to develop long term relationships and we work hard to earn your referrals. Besides receiving essential financial monthly reports these very particular customers expect to entirely rely on professional teams and they offer just that. This trust is earned through our administrative and financial control, as well as our services standards of work.

Flight Information Region In Paraguay

Paraguay Airspace is divided into 01 Flight Information Regions (FIRs)

1 - Asuncion (SGFA) FIR

Paraguay FIRs ( Entry / Exit Points ) :

West Bound Entry PointWest Bound Exit PointEast Bound Entry PointEast Bound Exit Point

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About Paraguay | History - Geography

Paraguay, landlocked country in south-central South America. Paraguay’s recent history has been characterized by turbulence and authoritarian rule. It was involved in two of the three major wars on the continent—the War of the Triple Alliance (1864/65–70), against Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, and the Chaco War (1932–35), against Bolivia. Moreover, a civil war in 1947 and the long dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner (1954–89) left a deep legacy of fear and self-censorship among Paraguayans, who began to overcome those impediments only in the early 21st century.

Since 1989 the democratization process has been rocky, and Paraguay has experienced bouts of instability in its military, the assassination of a vice president in 1999, and the indictment of former presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy (1993–98) and Luis González Macchi (1999–2003) on corruption charges. In 2008 Paraguay’s Colorado Party, the longest continuously ruling political party in the world, lost power for the first time since 1947, though it returned to power in 2013. The national capital is Asunción.

Paraguay Overflight Permits Procedures

The Given Below Information Is Extracted from the Paraguay AIP

Presentation of the Flight Plan
Before Departure.

Flight plans will not be submitted more than 120 hours in advance, Regarding the expected time of outside flight chocks.

Except when other arrangements have been made for the presentation of plans for repetitive flight, the presentation of the flight plan before departure must be made to the air traffic services (ARO) notification office at the aerodrome of Departure, at least 30 minutes before departure. If there is no office in the departure aerodrome, the flight plan must be transmitted to the dependency of air traffic services designated to serve the departure aerodrome.

In the event that there is a delay of more than 30 minutes with respect to the time planned out of wedges, for a controlled flight, or one hour for a non-flight controlled for the one presented in the flight plan, the flight plan should amend, or a new flight plan should be submitted canceling the old one, as appropriate.

During Flight

The flight plan to be submitted during the flight must be transmitted normally to the ATS unit in charge of the FIR, control area, area or route with advisory service, in which the aircraft is flying, or to which it is directed or you want to fly over or to the aeronautical telecommunications station that lends services to the dependency of the air traffic services in question. When that is not possible, must be transmitted to another ATS unit or station aeronautical telecommunications to make the necessary retransmission to the appropriate dependence on air traffic services.

When relevant such as with respect to the ATC units they provide high or medium density airspace services, DINAC must prescribe the conditions and limitations regarding the presentation of flight plans during the flight to ATC units.

Note:If the flight plan is presented in order to obtain a control service air traffic, the aircraft has to wait for a traffic control permit air before continuing under the conditions that require compliance with Air traffic control procedures. If the flight plan is presented In order to obtain air traffic advisory service, the aircraft you must wait for the acknowledgment of the dependency provided by the service.

Acceptance of the Flight Plan

When the flight plan has been received by physical means - paper – the ARO dependency officer will verify the data entered in the same, using the available tools and accept it through the consignment of your signature and license in the document received and verify that the Conventional format and premises have been respected.

When the presentation of the flight plan has taken place via internet, the Receipt confirmation will be notified by a message in the same medium.

The ARO unit official will validate and accept in the plan system of flight received, proceeding immediately to the generation and shipment of respective acceptance message, by email.

When the execution of a flight is subject to special permits, the ARO dependency officer will verify the existence of such permits before proceeding to its acceptance and will take appropriate measures, whenever necessary, to make the message acceptable to transit services aerial.

At the time of acceptance, the corresponding official of the agency responsible for receiving and processing the flight plan, verify that the Registered aircraft operator meets the requirements for payment by aerodrome and flight protection services requesting as soon as possible place, proof of payment for such services, for the date and time of departure provided and will indicate to the sender the acceptance of the flight plan or change of same.

The acceptance of the flight plan does not constitute an authorization or permit from air traffic, which must take place through the proper conduit. Bliss acceptance is understood to be conditional on the operation of the airports of origin, destination and alternates and also facilities required to the conditions prevailing weather and air traffic conditions on the requested route.

The reception or acceptance of a flight plan, whatever its form of presentation, does not imply for ATS and ARO services, commitments or responsibilities beyond the transmission of said flight plan and the presentation of air traffic services and aeronautical information available, as requested for the aircraft and flight projected.

Validity Of The Flight Plan

The flight plan submitted to the air traffic services department commissioned for it, is valid until,

a - Thirty (30 minutes after the scheduled departure time for IFR flight that be carried out in the ATS class A, B, C, D and E airspaces as appropriate.

b - One (1) hour after the scheduled departure time for IFR flight perform in ATS class G airspace.

c - Two (2) hours after the scheduled departure time for VFR flight perform in ATS airspace classes B, C, D, E, and G as appropriate.

In the event that there is a delay of more than thirty (30) minutes with respect to the time Expected departure, for an IFR flight that takes place in ATS airspace, classes A, B, C, D and E for which the flight plan has been submitted, must comply with the following requirements, a) - The flight plan must be amended before its expiration, so minus fifteen (15) minutes before.

A new flight plan must be presented canceling the previous one, if there is no complied with what is established in point "a".

In the event that there is a delay of more than two (2) hours compared to the expected time of Departure, for a VFR flight that takes place in ATS airspace classes B, C, D, E and G for which the flight plan has been submitted, the following must be met requirements:

a- The flight plan must be amended before its expiration, so minus fifteen (15) minutes before.

b- A new flight plan must be submitted canceling the previous one, if there is no complied with what is established in point "c".

Expiration Of The Flight Plan

a) Unless DINAC prescribes otherwise, notice of arrival will be given, personally, by radiotelephony or by data link, as soon as it is possible after landing, to the corresponding ATS unit of the arrival aerodrome, after every flight with respect to which submitted a flight plan that includes the entire flight or part Remaining of a flight to the destination airfield.

b) When a flight plan has been submitted only for one part of the flight other than the remaining part of the flight to the destination point will be canceled, when necessary, by means of an appropriate report to the relevant dependence on air traffic services.

c) When there is no dependence on air traffic services in the Arrival aerodrome, the arrival notice will be given, when required, to the closest dependence on air traffic control, as soon as possible after landing, and by the fastest means available.

When it is known that the means of communication at the arrival aerodrome are Inadequate and no other means available for the dispatch of messages from the land Upon arrival, the aircraft will transmit to the air traffic services unit appropriate immediately before landing, if possible, a message similar to that of a Arrival report, when such notice is required. Normally this transmission will be at the aeronautical station, which serves the air traffic services unit responsible for the region of flight information in which the aircraft operates.

Aircraft arrival reports shall contain the following elements of Information:

1- Aircraft identification

2- Departure airfield

3- Destination aerodrome; (only if the landing was not made at the aerodrome of destination)

4- Arrival aerodrome

5- Arrival time

Note:Whenever notice of arrival is required, breach of these provisions may give lead to a serious disruption of air traffic control services and originate large expenses when having to carry out unnecessary search and rescue operations.

Rejection of the Flight Plan

If the official receiving the flight plan by any means, detect information incomplete or erroneous, or the lack of any requisite or special permission indispensable for the flight plan, will require the interested party the corrections or clarifications of the case, such as condition for acceptance. If there are no such corrections or clarifications, the flight plan It will be rejected.

A flight plan will be rejected or informed by the same means in which it is received the plan of flight may be presented again and accepted, once the defects have been corrected or circumstances that gave to his rejection.

Changes in the Flight Plan

Subject to the provisions of 14.12 all changes to a flight plan submitted for an IFR flight that is carried out as a controlled flight will be notified as soon as possible to the corresponding dependence on air traffic services. For other VFR flights, the Important changes to the flight plan will be notified to the agency as soon as possible corresponding air traffic services.

Note 1:The information presented before departure regarding autonomy or total number of people transported on board, if it is inaccurate at the time of departure It constitutes an important change in the flight plan and as such must be notified.

Note 2:The procedures for submitting changes to the repetitive flight plans are listed in the Regulations of the Air Traffic Services. (DINAC R 11).

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